2016 ALCS Showdown!!

By Totals 4 U

Hello, Sports Fans! The divisional match ups of your American League Playoffs certainly held some exciting moments but 3-0 sweeps don’t exactly make for compelling series. Still looking to punch a ticket to the World Series are the Blue Jays and Indians, opening tonight from Progressive Field in Cleveland, first pitch a few minutes past 8 EST. So will this be a classic or another clunker…

Cleveland comes in as the home team after winning the AL Central and holds a better regular season mark at 94-67 to 89-73 for the Jays, though Toronto did so against a much tougher division with 334 victories by their divisional mates against the 304 of those of Cleveland. DRAW

Offensively, Cleveland was ever so slightly more productive with 4.83 runs per game versus 4.73 for Toronto. The Blue Jays hold the small edge in walks plus hits per contest at 12.30 against 12.18 plus 1.39 homers per game compared to 1.16 for the Tribe. Total bases it’s Cleveland over Toronto at 14.63 to 14.52. DRAW

Defensively, Toronto’s team 3.75 ERA and 1.224 WHIP edges Cleveland’s 3.82 and 1.236. Starters go to Toronto with a 3.64 ERA against 4.08. Relievers go to Cleveland with a 3.45 ERA versus 4.11. How about fielding? 0.53 errors per game compared to 0.54 errors per game. Which is which, you ask? Does it matter?! DRAW

Some days it sure is easier being the “Totals Guy” than picking sides between a pair so evenly matched! You can put the brooms away for the season because this is going to be a whale of an American League Championship Series. Game by game will offer the better options but at the series price we suggest to avoid playing the money-line favorite between teams so square, leaving Cleveland currently at +118. Have a great series!

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AL Wildcard: Rays @ Indians

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