Who’s Going to Win?

Hello, Sports Fans! Some 4 1/2 months of college basketball in the books and we’ve reached the doorstep of the 2nd week of your 2016 NCAA Tournament. Plenty has been learned about the skill and character of the remaining squads with one question still remaining: who’s going to win at all?

With all four 1-seeds plus a pair each of 2-, 3-, and 4-seeds left standing as we head into the Sweet-16, a clear favorite seems yet elusive. Since mathematics play a significant role in our work on the Over/Unders, we have undertaken an analysis combining our system of power ratings, developed over the last 2 decades, with a algorithmic approach to determine each team’s chances to hoist the Wooden Trophy.

We’ll save you the mathematical detail but to give you an idea of what’s going on here, our power ranking data is used to determine the chance of each squad winning their Round of 16 game, then forward to their next hypothetical opponent – a composite based on the relative power rankings of possible opponents, adjusted for the chance of each of those teams winning their Round of 16 game. And down the line to Houston on April 4th.

Turn the crank and here we go…

Virginia 20%
North Carolina 20%
Kansas 18%
Villanova 10%
Oklahoma 8%
Oregon 7%

Maybe not the Eureka! moment we were looking for but the numbers are the numbers and it does confirm a few things we’ve all suspected. This season we have no clear cut favorite, the oft-cursed Selection Committee did a superb job in balancing the brackets, and one side of a thrown die still holds out a slipper for the 3-seeds and down. It’s going to be one heck of a nail-biting ride!

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