Free SB XLVIII Prop Odds!!

By Totals 4 U

Your AFC Champion Denver Broncos and your NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks have bested the field and are set to do battle on February 2nd from East Rutherford where MetLife Stadium will host it’s first excitement this season!

Somewhere in between the endless (FOX is doing 5 ½ hours before kickoff) and often mindless (imagine some sideline hottie trying to talk gameplan with Tom Landry before kickoff) pre-game, the increasingly disappointing “best” commercials of the year (Apple’s “1984” still ranks as our favorite), the Pepsi Halftime Show (a casino is actually offering a prop bet on whether the Chili Peppers go shirtless in the decidedly un-Californiacated weather), and the MVP’s declaration of imminent meeting with The Magic Mouse (still the Happiest Place on Earth for us) there is going to be one hell of a football game!

Sometime nearing 11 local time, the Lombardi Trophy is going to change hands but long before that you can get into the action with your Free Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Odds. For many years they have been available for purchase. This season our friends at are making the top 50 Super Bowl XLVII Prop Odds available to you absolutely 100% Free of Charge!

From the straightforward coin flip prop (Heads –110 took the money from the 5th consecutive time last year) to the more exotic like the total number of punts (under 8 1/2 cashed in New Orleans) or how long will be the longest made field goal (under 44 1/2 yards took the honors in 2013). There were some absolute bang-for-the-buck beauties last season including…

– First player to score a TD (Anquan Boldin +800)
– Total points scored (61-65 +1000)
– Will there be a safety (Yes +700)
– Margin of victory (Ravens 1-6 points +400)
– First scoring play (Ravens pass TD + 400)
– First player to record INT (Ed Reed + 1500)

The slate for Super Bowl XLVIII is available right now. Here is your chance to join in on the First Kickoff to Final Gun action. From the coin flip to the most outrageous of the exotic wagers, you get them all Absolutely Free at